Lara Solnicki Trio

March 24, 2017

Lara Solnicki returns THIS SAT. MAR. 25 @ 8-11pm with her trio feat. Joey Goldstein (guitar) + George Koller (bass). Lara is praised for the purity of her voice, her understanding of the most subtle nuances in lyrics and melody, and the freshness, intelligence and wit she invests in every interpretation. Reservations recommended.

lara solnicki mar 25

Nick Maclean Quartet Photo

SAT. MAR. 18 @ 8-11pm

The Nick Maclean Quartet is a hard-swinging, Toronto-based group led by award-winning pianist and composer Nick Maclean. Taking influences from Herbie Hancock’s Blue Note era records, this powerhouse quartet explores a modern, original repertoire while paying tribute to some of the greatest improvisers in jazz history. The quartet features the internationally acclaimed and award winning trumpet player, Brownman Ali.

Nick Maclean – Piano
Brownman Ali – Trumpet
Jesse Dietschi – Bass
Tyler Goertzen – Drums

February 28, 2017

NEW FEATURE BOTTLE: Guelph’s Royal City Brewing Company Smoked Honey (5.5% abv). This hybrid ale is light and smoky but not too sweet.

smoked honey